Stillströms ytbehandling

Stillström’s Coating

Our operations are based on industrial wet lacquering of details in our three robot lines. We also carry out lacquering of larger details in smaller series in our spray rooms.

Our main environmental efforts are made through environmental-related advice to our customers.

The Big Robot Line Consists of 3 Robots:
– The first robot performs deionization or flame.
– At the next robot, lacquering or Primer.
– At the final robot, finish the final lacquering, after which the details are dried in the RM booster.

Modern 2-K Plants
The robots are supplied with color from modern 2-K plants. We also carry out assembly and two-color tampot printing. Advanced fixture technology means lower production costs.
The company is actively working with the sister company Stillströms Industrifärg where we can get the color systems tested and also perform advanced color production.

Management System Standard
We are constantly working on improvements to more environmentally friendly products. The company is environmentally certified
according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

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