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Welcome to Stillströms Industrifärg!

A skilled supplier of paint and accessories for industry. We sell wet paint for metal, wood, plastics, cars, airplanes, ceilings, floors and rustproofing. The range also includes powder, glue, oil, application equipment, protective equipment, grinding and masking materials and spray paint.

Stillströms Industrifärg is represented in Stockholm, Linköping and Eskilstuna.


Stillströms are the leading Distributor for Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings in The Nordic Region. Carrying extensive stocks of specified Aerospace primers, topcoats and ancillary items plus the ability to mix locally Eclipse, Alumigrip and 58 Series range options for both civilian and military use. We have deep knowledge in the area and provide specification-compliant systems for all possible projects. We also provide systems for land defense with IR and CARC systems.


Together with world-leading suppliers in the marine sector, we can offer you solutions to protect and maintain your boat or your ship. By using our products and recommendations, we can not only help you protect your boat but also the environment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our marine experts and they will help you out.

Rust Protection

Whether you’re going to rustproof a bridge or color a sheet facade, we’ve got the Stillströms products you need. Damage caused by corrosion, UV light and fires can be very costly, Stillströms has the expertise to protect your objects.


Our wood product range includes all the different technologies used for industrial surface finishing of indoor / outdoor woodwork, such as kitchen joinery, doors, frames, ceiling and floor tiles. Our ambition is that the products should involve minimal environmental impact. We can offer both waterborne and acid-curative systems and of course bets, lasers and oils.


Our powder coating can be used for everything from building aluminum and steel to rims and car components, pipelines and valves, microwave ovens, office furniture or light fixtures.


Continuously maintaining the façade, floor and roof of the property, costly expenses are avoided while improving the environment and increasing the well-being of the surrounding area. Contact us for more information about jointless floors.


Stillströms has a comprehensive product range for professionals and DIY users that are used in virtually the entire construction process and for many industry applications. Everywhere there are joints and seals, there are also smart solutions from Stillströms and our world-leading suppliers.


Stillströms has complete car range with color for passenger cars and heavy vehicles. In addition to world-leading color systems, we also have all of the accessories and consumables range for lacquer shops. Everything in grinding, polishing, masking, plastic repairs and more.


Accessories & Equipment

We have complete protection solutions with overalls, gloves and masks. Grinding materials such as rounds, sheets, narrow and broadband and much more. Sprayers such as spray guns, pumps, pressure plates, compressors and spare parts. Everything from smaller electric pumps to larger 2K plants. We also have the most in masking and other consumables.

Spray & Enhancement Paint

In addition to providing ready-made spray cans with everything from rust protection to refinish, we fill our own spray cans with the colors and the quality you want. We also have airbrush systems and Preval, a spray that can paint with any color in it.

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